Episode 65 How to Maximize & Monetize the Clubhouse Platform


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Do you see value in building global partnerships? Is there an opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your industry? It's best to find out how the Clubhouse platform works best for your business. Here are tips that can help you maximize the use of this app.

Start with an intention. How are you going to give value to your audience? Think of collaborations and adding value. Then have an objective, a business strategy on how things will work out for your business. If you listen to a room, create three action steps you need to follow through and when you will do it. Next, start your room as early as now (like starting a pop-up shop); it could be talking about beauty or local businesses around your area. This is how connections are made.

Think about your client-attraction strategy and how you will nurture these relationships. You might want to create a lead generation magnet where people can opt-in so you can follow up with clients. Having a system for doing things in your business is always critical because systems save you time and sanity. Commit to a schedule in connecting with and following up with the connections you make on the platform.

When it comes to monetizing, you can do brand partnerships, get them to sponsor your room. Launch new products and services, create clubhouse conferences with paid access, and there is affiliate marketing you can also think about for ways to monetize this platform.

There are always new things coming out of the Clubhouse platform that you can make the most out of to grow your business.

"You can have a perfect plan and never execute it, or you can just take imperfect action and make it better."

- April Meese

Topics Covered:

01:59 - How the Clubhouse app has snowballed with big thought leaders using it and what's to love about it

03:34 - Have the intention and the objective when starting the Clubhouse platform

04:21 - Currently, the Clubhouse platform is not fully optimized yet for local businesses, but you can start a room in your area

06:41 - Connections, partnerships, and collaborations: Possible pop-up shop.

07:30 - What is your client-attraction strategy?

12:16 - Systemize to maximize

15:16 - Key for connections: Make a habit of checking your messages on Instagram or Twitter

for daily DMs

15:48 - Monetizing the rooms: brand partnerships

18:37 - Leading with service

19:08 - Launching new products and services, creating clubhouse conferences and panels, affiliate links

21:51 - A platform that is based on the algorithm: What does it mean?

Key Takeaways:

"What I like about Clubhouse is it's real candid conversations. It's not overly-produced. It's very authentic. And what I also love about it is you can make connections with people all around the world. That's the thing that you should know, basic information about the platform." - April Meese

"When you're starting on the Clubhouse platform, you want to have an intention. Think about how you can give value, how you can show up and relate, collaborate, and add value. That's kind of the heart of it." - April Meese

"Have an objective. And this is like the head (from heart & head). So how will this work for your business? What's your business strategy?" - April Meese

"Currently, the platform is not optimized for local businesses yet, but that doesn't mean you can't be one of the first ones to start it. You can start a room for your area, for your city, your county. You could have it be about beauty, things in the area of beauty businesses. Maybe you reach out to another lashpreneur, dermatologist, or hairstylist, and you talk about what's happening in beauty for your city. That's a great way to get attention for your brand." - April Meese

"You can have a little pop-up shop where you can share other people's businesses. You can collaborate on, you know, what's happening. And the great thing is once you've made these connections, then you can talk outside of the platform about how you can collaborate in more ways." - April Meese

"Systemize to maximize--have a system for connecting or following up." - April Meese

"Making that connection and then, following up regularly, that's what really makes the difference." - April Meese

"As you're looking about building your business on this platform, one of the things that I've noticed is, I have to check my Instagram DMS daily. Because that's how people connect with this platform, so get in the habit of checking your messages on the platforms. That is key for those connections." - April Meese

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