Episode 73 How Partnerships Can Grow Your Business


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What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to go about forging ideal partnerships that allow for a steady stream of referral clients for your beauty business
  • Learn the basics of a collaboration framework that effectively establishes strategic partnerships Find out where to look for ideal partners for your beauty business collaborations
  • Know what considerations to make when engaging in partnerships so you get a consistent flow of referrals and not just a few of them here and there

To grow your beauty business, it’s a wise idea to create more than one pathway for getting new clients. Other than making a website and growing your presence on social media, referral collaboration partnerships are also one of the best ways to go about expanding your business.

However, It is not just any kind of collaboration, but rather it is strategic partnerships where each one benefits from the other.

This episode is all about understanding how to go about collaboration, where to find ideal businesses to partner with, how you nurture the relationships you created, and important considerations to know before starting to get referrals. After all, you want to have successful collaborations for your business to expand and grow.

“Pour into those relationships, and it will come back to you.”

- April Meese

Topics Covered:

06:09 - What does partnering with other businesses look like? 09:24 - Ideal partnerships that work best for your business 12:18 - How to get referrals 15:01 - The Collaboration Framework TM 15:40 - Connecting by bringing in value 16:30 - Flexibility and clarity of communication in business 18:51 - Considerations for engaging in partnerships 20:10 - What if partnerships didn’t go as what you wanted them 21:18 - Why track referrals 24:26 - Spend time to nurture relationships 25:18 - Getting out of your comfort zone to start partnering 26:13 - A helpful system to connect and reach out to people 26:53 - What is an AMP-lify method? 30:26 - Why having mentors is a wise business decision

Key Takeaways:

“When you're attracting clients, you can build, buy or borrow.” - April Meese

“Relationships take a little bit of work, but for me, it was always an easier way. And not to say you wouldn't do the others as well, you would still do your social media and do your building. And you might even do a little bit of paid but the ‘borrow’ was always the way for me to go.” - April Meese

“Partnerships can take a variety of forms. But the ones that work best for me were always the high-end salons or spas that didn't offer the services that I was offering. Even for the lash artists, if they want to partner with a solo permanent makeup artist -- these are two complementary businesses.” - April Meese

“Be flexible; that’s how we want to be in business.” - April Meese

“Be clear with your communication because expectations are just future disappointments if not properly talked about. If you haven't expressed what you're wanting and what it looks like in your mind for this partnership.” - April Meese

“It's so interesting that somebody said this to me before, you have to ask to get it because a lot of times we think, oh I don't want to bother. But here's the thing, people love to give their opinions.” - April Meese

“See if the business is promoting themselves. Because if they are not promoting themselves, it's probably not going to happen that they're going to promote you.” - April Meese

“Don't worry about the ones(partnerships) that don't get off the ground. Just the ones that are soaring, put your energy into that. Put your time and all of your love into those that are really working.” - April Meese

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