#166 | Ian Ramsey - Managing Abundance With A Wild Heart


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Ian Ramsey is an educator, musician, adventurer who has been deeply inspired by outdoor writers and students of spirituality. Ian’s largest inspiration is Gary Snyder. He was introduced to Gary Snyder through reading about his related character in Jack Kerouac’s book, The Dharma Bums.

Ian has a rich history of experiences from ultra running, sea kayaking, ski touring, bikepacking, teaching adults & youth, and more. Ian has had his writting published with several organizations, he’s pursued professional certifications and/or publications in his areas of interest including sea kayaking, teaching, music, and he’s led multi-day expeditions internationally. He is an impressive leader and educator with a burning passion.

In this episode we talk about developing the self-control to make choices and not be chosen by someone or something. Sometimes we go through life waiting for things to persuade us into action. Other times we go through life ruminating on an aim, setting our sights, and performing a process to hit our target. When you determine what you want and work your way towards making it a reality then you get to participate in influencing reality; your reality.

The most finite resource that you have is time. How you spend your time directly affects your experience. It’s a canvas where every brushstroke cannot be erased. That creates a powerful valuation. In this life, we have many things trying to persuade us for their own survival. The consequences they have for the individual affected are good, bad, or neutral based on your aim and values. It is perhaps the most pertinent skill in the modern world to identify your aim and learn to manage your desires.

To learn more about Ian Ramsey, go to his website IanRamsey.net and on instagram @ian.ramsey Checkout some of the writers that Ian mentioned in the podcast below.

Richard Nelson - www.rionmagazine.org/2020/08/ravens-witness/

John Hayes - https://www.britannica.com/biography/John-Hay

Sam Hamill - www.poets.org/poem/after-morning-rain

Gary Snyder - https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/47178/riprap

Checkout Ian Ramsey’s Poem, Letter To America, on Terrain.org

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