Joe Stange - Part Two


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In our most recent episode, I hosted a longtime friend and fellow beer writer, Joe Stange, who told us about moving his family to Thailand in the middle of a pandemic, the importance of traditional styles, and the future of the American beer bar. In this episode, we continue our discussion, moving on to his somewhat unexpected defense of hazy IPAs, his thoughts on why Stone’s Berlin project failed, and whether lager will finally have its day.

It’s hard to capture the essence of a writer in a spoken word podcast but I’ve done my best in these two interviews, hoping to do justice to Joe and his work. If you’ve enjoyed listening to Joe and his thoughts about beer, I’d highly recommend you check out his entirely too short-lived podcast, One More Road For the Beer, which he co-hosted with fellow beer and travel writer Zach Johnston. It only lasted for 10 episodes but it was glorious and we talked a bit about it and whether it might one day return.

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Host: Andy Crouch
Guest: Joe Stange
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