BattleBots Season 5 (Very Early) Preview with Greg Munson


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On this episode, we sit down with BattleBots co-creator Greg Munson to get an early, early, very early preview of Season 5 of the show (filming live April 3-15 in Southern California; tickets still available on

We learn about new bots, returning bots, and bots that won't be returning - plus, the effect of the coronavirus, new rule changes, floor updates, and a whole lot more.

This week’s combat robotics event calendar!

Feb. 22

Tempe, AZ

Sun Devil Smackdown


Organized by the ASU Sun Devil Robotics Club

Feb. 22

Sherburn in Elmet, UK

Sportsman Beetleweights, Full Combat Ants & Bodgebots!

Antweights, beetleweights and bodgebots

Organized by RoboDojo

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