The Biggest Story Ever Told: Our Interview with MegaBots Cofounder Matt Oehrlein


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The Biggest Story Ever Told: Our Interview with MegaBots Cofounder Matt Oehrlein

This week on the podcast, we go big - literally - with a story so crazy it’s almost hard to believe. Cofounder Matt Oehrlein and his team made headlines in 2015, when they challenged Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry to the world’s first international mech robot duel. The duel garnered 8.5 million views on YouTube...and 8.5 million different opinions on the outcome. Late last year, MegaBots declared bankruptcy and sold off its assets. We go deep on the history of the company, his experience building and fighting Eagle Prime, and what the future of giant fighting robots might possibly hold.

Link to the Eagle Prime vs. Kuratas Giant Robot Duel:

Link to Team OuiOui’s GoFundMe:

This week’s combat robotics event calendar!

Feb. 8

Severn, MD

Pre-St. Valentine’s Day Bot Massacre

Plastic antweights

Organized by Maryland Area Combat Robotics Organization

Feb. 8

Richmond, CA

Bay Area Bot Battles

Fairyweights, antweights and plastic antweights

Organized by Bay Area Robotic Combat

Feb. 8

Rocklin, CA

NRL Sacramento: California Clash

12-pounders and 15-pounders

Organized by the National Robotics League

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