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Beau Millett should not be alive but he is here being an inspiration to all of us! Beau was in a serious car accident where he was ejected and thrown between 40-100 feet. He suffered a compound fracture in his right Femur and broke nearly every bone in his face and a Le Forte lll fracture. But most challenging was a severe Traumatic Brain Injury in which he had to have a piece of his skull removed to relieve pressure on his brain. Along with regaining the function of his body, he also battled infection on his brain over the next year adding more complications along the way.

With his faith and Family Beau has persevered through this trial, has remained positive, and hopes to show others that regardless of the challenges you face you can push through and make the most of it!

Beau's story will inspire you to push through your own struggles and challenges. Tune in and enjoy!


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