The Official Greenfield Family Q&A Podcast: Parenting, Cooking, Traditions, Legacy-Building, Family Game Nights & More!


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In this special family Q&A podcast, Ben Greenfield sits down with his wife Jessa and 13-year-old twin sons River and Terran of to answer all your burning questions about parenting, cooking, traditions, legacy-building, family game nights, and much, much more!

Here are a few questions from our audience that we tackle in today's podcast:

-A quick and dirty summary of the Greenfield family history... -What are our key rituals/routines/comings/goings?... -How Jessa finds joy/meaning/purpose in being a wife and mother... -How do we approach screen time/TV/social media?... -Why does our family seem to be so happy and joyful?...

-And much more!

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