Will NCAA XC be forever changed? OK State coach Dave Smith weighs in | Beneath the Grandstand (Ep. 7)


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The COVID-19 pandemic is changing sports as we know it in many ways, but that's not the only thing that could change NCAA cross country forever. Recently, a report was published from a teleconference held by the NCAA DI Men's and Women's Track & Field and Cross Country Committee that provides insight on a potential change in the way DI teams would qualify to the NCAA Cross Country Regionals and Championships. The change could see a shift in the current nine region system, that allows all DI programs to compete, to a five region system that allows only 60-80 teams to compete for a spot at the NCAA Cross Country Championships. In this episode of BTG, we talk to 3-time NCAA Cross Country championship coach, Dave Smith of Oklahoma State, who sheds light on the talk currently circulating within the coaching world on this proposed change. Smith, who was a past member of the NCAA DI Men's and Women's Track & Field and Cross Country Committee, explains the typical process he's experienced around changes to qualifying systems. Smith also shares his thoughts on how the upcoming 2020 NCAA Cross Country could be affected by the pandemic, if the season was to take place, and how this could affect the ability for teams to qualify to the NCAA Cross Country Championships in the current system. Link to NCAA committee meeting report - https://ncaaorg.s3.amazonaws.com/championships/sports/crosstrack/d1/common/Apr2020D1XTF_Report.pdf

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