Episode 94: Carlyn Loncaric, Founder & CEO, VodaSafe


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How can we save lives and keep search and rescue teams safe? These are questions that led Carlyn Loncaric to found VodaSafe, a company that is creating a product that will be to waterfront rescue what the AED or portable defibrillator has been for CPR. Despite feeling that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields were not always a welcoming space for women, she pursued her passion for engineering and entrepreneurship, while burning a hole in a kitchen table, exploring the great outdoors, and drumming up a storm. You'll hear all about that in this episode!

(Please excuse any audio hiccups in this remotely recorded interview.)

Carlyn Loncaric is the founder and CEO of VodaSafe. Carlyn is an engineer with over ten years of lifeguarding experience. Witnessing first-hand the trials and tribulations of water rescue led Carlyn to envision sonar equipment as a simple tool in hand that would help save lives, VodaSafe and its AquaEye® were born. Carlyn believes that VodaSafe’s AquaEye® will be to waterfront rescue what the AED or portable defibrillator has been for CPR.

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