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Habakkuk 3:2

Shared at the Dedication of Bethesda Shalom – 24/07/21

As we witness first-hand in our day, the grievous state of decline in this nation of Great Britain is a state most sorry to behold. The speed at which morality is crumbling away before our very eyes leave us without words to fully articulate the peril of the present hour. The firm foundations (Christian foundations) which have stood this nation on a solid footing for the last 600 years are being pulled up in 60! I find that in life, it’s far easier and quicker to destroy than it is to erect; to pull down than it is to build up!! Spiritually, we’re sliding into Sodom and plunging into Gomorrah; and while the world travails the broad road to destruction, the professing Church of Jesus Christ has veered off the narrow path and has found its way down to vanity fair! Oh!! do some decry this sad state of affairs and I not join them in lifting up my voice? Do others lament this midnight hour and I not also grieve with them! The hour is late, and the need is desperate.

A heart cry goes forth for God to visit His people in revival. There’s simply no other alternative. God…in wrath, remember mercy!!

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