Interpreting the Books of Wisdom (Pt. 2) - Paul M Williams


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Knowing the Bible for Yourself (Pt. 12)

It has often been said; “If it’s in the Bible, then I believe it!!” Whilst I understand the sentiments of what is seeking to expressed by such a statement, the statement is only as good as one’s interpretation of the text. If one misinterprets a portion of Scripture due to poor exegesis, then what one thinks they understand God to be saying, is not actually what He has said. To then apply this to one’s life to miss the mark and to end in error.

In this second part of a two-part teaching, we look at three unique books that have caused problems for some in their interpretation due to the difficult nature of their composition and structure. We endeavour by the grace of God to shed some light in these Books, namely Ecclesiastes, Job, and Song of Solomon.

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