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Knowing the Bible for Yourself (Pt. 13)

Of all the different literary genres found within the Bible, by far the most unique, is that of prophecy. Where the historical books document history, those books falling under the category of Prophecy have an extra layer to them which documents the future! Who can claim to speak with authority on things that are yet to happen? The best historian can comment on what has past, and to a degree, he can predict what he may think to happen in the future based on past cycles; but at best it is a prediction with much uncertainty attached to it. When it comes however to the predictions made in the Bible, these are not based on a critical examination of data; they are based on “thus saith the LORD”.

In this thirteenth teaching part, we give a basic overview of the Books of Prophecy and offer helps that will aid in their interpretation and application. As part of a teaching series looking at Biblical interpretation, we look holistically at the nature of the books of prophecy themselves, as a pose to the individual prophecies contained within them. We seek to understand the historical setting in which they were written in the hope that one will see the common pattern running throughout.

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