Judge Not, That Ye Be Not Judged - Paul M. Williams


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Matthew 7:1-5

It’s been well said, that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones (and how true this proverb is). There’s something about the fallen state of humanity whereby man finds it so easy (almost effortless) to point out the faults in others, and yet; finds it so hard to see those same faults in himself. No sooner than he points the finger, there are three fingers pointing back at him! How swift we are to dish out criticism, yet how slow we are to eat from that same plate! How skilled we are at murmuring and complaining about the hairline cracks we see in others when if the truth be told, we’ve crumbling joints in our own foundation but are too blind to see it because we’re always got our eyes on others people.

This sermon is a call and an exhortation for mercy in our judgment of one another in light of the judgment seat of Christ.

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