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Colossians 3:1-15

As Christians, we must never tire of saying “No!” A decisive “No!” with firm conviction has delivered many a Christian pilgrim from the peril of danger and saved his soul from many a calamity. We must first and foremost say “No!” to sin!!! To deny the flesh its fill is never an easy thing. It has strong desires and burning passions that demand to be satisfied. It cries out in the daytime and the night seasons; “I’m hungry”! But the Christian who has walked for any length of time with the Lord knows that to yield to its demands is to play with fire. We MUST give due diligence here and watch over our souls. Is sin creeping in? Have we slackened? Have we loosened the reigns? It’s one thing to start out of the blocks, but it takes a different kind of athlete to stay the course and finish the race. God is calling us to finish well!!

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