Global Storytelling Series: 27 Years in a Nigerian Prison for a Crime He Didn't Commit - A New Beginning with Dr. Clinton Kanu


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Imagine being on top of the world as a young, bright successful 29 year-old entrepreneur living in Nigeria, with your whole world and your whole life ahead of you. And then one day, in almost the blink of an eye, you suddenly find yourself locked up behind bars, in an overcrowded, filthy, oppressively hot, rat infested, maximum-security prison, for a crime you did not commit. Imagine the torture of waiting 14 long years for a trial, only to then be sentenced to death by hanging or firing squad.

For most of us, this would be an unimaginable nightmare straight out of a fictional movie. For Clinton Kanu, this was just the first semester of his 27 years in prison. 27 lost years, for a crime he did not commit.

Last year, the Supreme Court of Nigeria finally acquitted and released Dr. Kanu. We say "Doctor," because while in prison, he earned his Bachelors, his Masters and not 1, but 2 PhDs. What’s equally astounding, is that in spite of losing so many years in the prime of his life, Dr. Kanu not only holds no resentment towards his captors and his government, known for its depth of corruption in its prison system, but is determined to dedicate the rest of his life towards helping others, both wrongfully accused, but also as he says, to help the “downtrodden, poor and forgotten people around the world.”

Please help us raise money for Dr. Kanu so that he can have that platform to help make the world a better place. Every little bit helps! We have set up a Fundraiser for him here:

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