Ep. #317: August 25-September 3, 1997 with Vera Thoris


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Kris & David are joined by Vera Thoris (@StillYourGhost) to discuss the week-plus that was August 25th-September 3rd, 1997, which was Vera's pick using the $50 tier on our Patreon (linked below the description). Vera was able to sit in on the WCW section, where we talked about the Arn Anderson retirement saga, as we covered both relevant episodes of Nitro, which featured Arn's retirement speech and the nWo parody of it a week later. This was definitely an explosive time for WCW, both on TV and behind the scenes, so you definitely don't want to miss that. We also talk about Akira Maeda making a shocking appearance in New Japan to congratulate Riki Choshu on his "retirement,” plus Kensuke Sasaki winning the IWGP Heavyweight Title for the first time on the same show. We also talk about a wild meeting between Eric Bischoff, Konnan, & Paco Alonso that caused all kinds of hell in Mexico thanks to Victor Quinones, the final live USWA TV show on WMC, and, of course, the WWF, featuring a rare Friday night show during the U.S. Open, which was branded as Friday Night's Main Event, and so much more. This was a helluva show, so don't miss out!!


0:00:00 WCW

2:22:48 Japan: AJPW, NJPW, BattlARTS, FMW, Fuyuki-gun, IWA Japan, Michinoku Pro, PWC, Tokyo Pro, Wrestle Yume Factory, Kingdom, AJW, GAWA, & JWP

2:56:16 Classic Commercial Break

2:58:54 Halftime

3:28:27 Other North America: IWA (MB), AAA, CMLL, Promo Azteca, Carlos Maybes, Tijuana, & WWC

4:02:28 Other USA: Tank Abbott, ECW, WWA, SSW, IWAMS, USWA, NWF (OH), Dallas, APW, Jeep Swenson, & Portland

4:57:14 WWF

5:54:40 Patreon Preview: Fallout of Hulk Hogan singling out Superstar Billy Graham on The Arsenio Hall Show

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