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David Finkel, CEO of Maui Master, business coach and best-selling author of 12 business and financial books, returns to the show to share how to build owner independence. Listen to Finkel chat about being a business versus an entrepreneur, how to stay consistent, strategic depth, and much more.

On today’s podcast:

  • Covid-19 has been either an existential time or a big boom for businesses - 1:32
  • Being a business vs. being an entrepreneur - 3:30
  • “How often in your business life have you had perfect information?” - 6:21
  • One of leader’s core roles is to be the voice of certainty in a sea of confusion - 10:54
  • The arousal curve - 12:57
  • Grow players vs. role players - 15:20
  • A 90-day quarter is a great unit of time to connect big picture goals with the connection of doing - 23:37
  • Know your number one priority each quarter - your limiting factor - 25:09
  • How entrepreneurs can keep consistency - 29:18
  • “The biggest limitation that you have is going to be the talent and attention of your best people.” - 33:03
  • How to maintain focus and planning - 38:40
  • How to grow your business beyond 8 figures - 42:26
  • An explanation of Strategic Depth and why you should be using it - 46:22
  • The concept of creating a legacy - 56:20

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t make decisions and never revisit them
  • When we have fear, uncertainty and doubt (F.U.D factor) we go into a mode of survival, which can fixate decisions instead of getting broader perspectives
  • Know how to work with your grow players and your role players
  • Your staff needs time to get stuff done
  • The most successful companies have CEOs that don’t have many tasks
  • Most people can’t sustain by winging it
  • Even if you’re alone in your business you can’t be alone in the journey

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