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There’s more to life than just running a business. Real estate entrepreneur and coach Adam Hergenrother returns to share his ideas on business management, self-fulfillment and spirituality. Listen how to balance your entrepreneurial journey and your personal journey so you have something else to live for than just how much money you make.

On today’s podcast:

  • “Most people in their business career get to a point when they start to feel like a fraud or imposter at some point if your business is large enough” - 2:30
  • Master the boredom of success - 3:10
  • “It’s not about hiring somebody better than you for your job, it’s about hiring somebody better for the job that you’re giving up.” - 6:37
  • “Way too many entrepreneurs have way too many packed schedules.” - 9:03
  • Question if you’re making decisions from a personal standpoint or a business standpoint - 10:34
  • Standards and communication within your business - 13:12
  • “You should be pouring into your key people.” - 19:16
  • You may have to go backwards at times to thrust upwards in your business - 23:18
  • The next generation of leaders know just as much about their inner world as they do about bottom-lines and spreadsheets - 26:33
  • Companies become more valuable the more they age - 30:23
  • “Business is a conduit for personal growth.” - 35:11
  • Money is a tool - 39:15
  • Know your intention for making money - 45:51
  • “Every entrepreneur should have a foundational set of money.” - 47:24
  • Culture or profit - 52:21
  • Strangers in Paradise - 55:33
  • If you don’t want to have basic people, you have to attract high-level talent - 58:05
  • Be you and attract people who share your philosophies - 1:00:10

Key Takeaways:

  • Success is sequential
  • Staying more consistent on things you know work well can increase your income
  • Plain facts speak volumes
  • Business building is about surviving small mistakes
  • There’s so much more to life than building a business

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