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Who is A.J.? (2:31)

  • A.J. has been a fan of the show for quite a while, and he was too excited when he heard that Steve was looking for an opportunity for the podcast. A.J. was looking to create a new kind of show to reach out to people on the journey past eight-figures, and this podcast was it.
  • A.J. has been playing around with the internet since the ’80s. He sold a company back in the ’90s about doing web development when people were still trying to figure out how to close h1 tags. A.J. has had some good luck over the years and a lot of stupidity, and he learned a few things from experience.
  • He has been trying to build concepts for a long time and, at the end of the day, has built a few agencies. He has sold most of them into web development, media buying, and dealing in New York.

What makes A.J. so bullish about podcasting, and where do they see it going? (15:36)

  • A.J. has spent a lot of his career working in developing communities for brands, basically how to get people to be interested in what brands they were talking about and have done in the past.
  • A.J. and his team see it as a media business where you are acquiring audience members because the audience is where the value lies. It’s the community that you build for your podcast that is truly important.

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