Ep 118 - How To Launch Your Next Info Product With Krista Ripma


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"Launches come in two parts. One, focus on the hot leads you currently have, and two, focus on nurturing the new leads that are coming into your funnel. In the end, we want people to buy so we can add value to them"

Krista Ripma is the co-founder of Authentic Audience, where she helps Entrepreneurs launch their products through effective story-telling. Her mission is to inspire others to tell their stories and share their truth through radically honest marketing.

In this episode you'll discover...

  • The buyer's journey
  • The most effective strategy to guide a prospect and turn them into a customer
  • The secret to any successful launch
  • How webinars can help you launch your products
  • What is a Skinny launch and why it's recommended
  • What to focus on when launching a new product

And so much more!

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