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Kathleen and Andrea delve into Spirit Guides! It's another huge topic, much like their previous episode about spiritual awakening, and is much-discussed in the spiritual community. In this episode, Kathleen and Andrea focus on how to connect and communicate with Spirit Guides, and offer real-world experiences and suggestions to help you create a meaningful relationship with your spiritual team.
Drawing upon years of experience working with their guides and helping clients to connect with theirs, Kathleen and Andrea answer questions such as:
  • Who and what are Spirit Guides?
  • What is their purpose and responsibility?
  • Does everyone have a Spirit Guide? Is it the same guide throughout the lifetime?
  • How do you know when a guide is trying to communicate?
  • What are some of the signs?
And more!
Join Kathleen and Andrea as they describe meeting their Spirit Guides, and the ways in which their guides communicate with them. They also emphasize that being aware, remaining curious and open to messages are necessary to receive the guidance from Spirit that is always available to each and every individual -without exception.
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