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So this week is our second part of the BMK compilation we started having other podcast submit BMKs we have submissions from Off Color Discussions, Shaken Not Nerd, Ignorance Was Bliss and we finish it with a sexual Would you Rather? 1. The Golden Girls with Special Guest: OCD Off Color Discussions #24 2. Shaken Not Nerd submission: #25 John Goodman from the Big Leboski Rosie O’Donnell Oprah Winfrey who only gets to eat Lean Cuisines 3. Ignorance Was Bliss (professional psychologist) provides a PIE BMK #28 Pumpkin Pie Apple Pie Chocolate Pudding Pie 4. Ignorance Was Bliss (professional psychologist) provides a difficult BMK #28 Looks Young Sounds Olds Looks Old but smell young Smells old and sounds young 5. #NoOffense Podcast submits the best; “Would You Rather” Your wife and girlfriend swap minds and you have to bang one to switch them back.

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