#39 National Dick Month


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Unsolicited Dick pics are a crime? Dick History month Shots are explained Donald Glover in Black Panther 2? YouTube Race to 100 Trump should win Nobel Peace Prize? Al Green and some hot grits 47 year old woman forces head on the Cable Guy Potato Tub Molly Girlfriend attacks boyfriend with samurai sword Coolest Piece of Art you’ve seen Eating Assholes vs. Rim Job 30 year old man gets evicted from his parents home Welches Strawberries Publix Suma Cum Laude American Eagle Micro or Mike Rowe? Moist Towels Water butt stuff BMK 8.5 Dumpster Baby girl Supermodel sweats Vasoline Gorgeous blonde with dick thumb Squirrelly = Butt stuff? Bicker Bots Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BickerBots/?ref=bookmarks Twitter: @BickerBots Outro Music by Jordan Craig Muzik of Roosevelt Road Instagram @Bickerbots https://www.patreon.com/rss/bickerbotspodcast?auth=XFf9pQdaxSsI9LSboImcgCvxEg55C_8a Bicker Bots Bingo

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