508: How to 10x Your Deal Flow Using "Evergreen Content"


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It’s tough out there. Between investors, agents, and wholesalers, everyone you know wants to get a home under contract. So what do you do when there is an influx of buyers and the same amount of sellers? Start building systems that can beat out your competition and will flow deals directly to you for years to come! Now we know what you’re saying, “I wish that were possible”, but it may be easier than you think.

Trevor Mauch, founder of Carrot, spent years manually chasing after deals. Cold calling, door knocking, direct mail, and every other method you can imagine; he's tried it. While these strategies work great for many people, they’re labor-intensive and incredibly hard to scale. Trevor looked at the marketing he was doing that WASN’T outbound and realized it wasn’t only creating leads for him, but doing so while he slept.

He then started building out Carrot, which helps set up agents, investors, wholesalers, and anyone else who wants off-market deals with websites that convert consistently every day. What sets apart Carrot from most “we buy houses for cash” websites is their “evergreen content” production. This content ranks you higher on google, gets sellers and buyers reaching out to you, and allows you to do less work and close on more deals.

Learn more about how to make this happen at carrot.com/pockets

In This Episode We Cover:

Getting out of the “hamster wheel” lead generation work

Outbound vs. inbound marketing and which requires less work from you

Why social media isn’t enough in this heavily digital age

Building your “authority hubs” so sellers or buyers can trust your business

Focusing on locations and niche markets to find more buyers and sellers

What Trevor thinks will happen in the housing market over the next few years

And So Much More!

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