BRR Ep 57 Rohit Subramanian on the Long Way Home


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A traveler, artist, dreamer, entrepreneur, explorer, content creator, coffee lover and a very avant-garde human being, Rohith Subramanian celebrates everything life has to offer, from free wardrobes to sleeping in busses, from International travel to demonetization in a brothel and from the joys of riding through Patagonia to looking at death square in the face, down the barrel of a hand gun at the mercy of some kid in the wastelands of Argentina. With an unconventional education from “The Ashram School” in Chennai a cultural sanctuary governed by Latha Rajnikant, and an even more progressive set of parents who preferred to reward failure, it is no wonder that Rohit takes on life with the freshness of the morning mountain dew. Over 50 countries on a motorcycle even before turning 25, Rohith is widely travelled and is our youngest guest on The Long Way Home on the Biker Radio Rodcast. --- Send in a voice message:

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