Episode 58: BRR Ep 58 Rohit Subramanian on the Long Way Home Part 2


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Sometimes a square peg is exactly what you need in a round hole…especially if the whole thing needs to be rethought. Rohith Subramanian imaginatively christened @misfitmagellan, prefers to square up with the hole sellers and the nay sayers as he does over 50 countries on his motorcycle in less than 4 years, on a budget and a quest. While some of us charter courses, a core magnetic resonance within him guides this young explorer to find newer grounds, challenge popular boundaries and prove that being different is not the refuge of the quirky but the need of the day, when most of us are re-imagining life, our purpose and the round hole we’ve got ourselves into. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bikerradiorodcast/message

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