Episode 64: BRR Ep 64 Biswaroop Banerjee From Motoziel to Who moved my Cheese


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The Motozeil Experience was a motorcycling utopia unheard of in India. A motorcycling experience zone which was a combination of an international motorcycle accessories store, a rental, an touring company, a restaurant, a brewery, a tattoo shop and a builder’s workshop spread across over 20000 square feet on the Golf Course Extension road in Gurgaon. And it was the figment of imagination of a dreamer who went from designing accessories and apparel for Royal Enfield to becoming an entrepreneur with a fearless ambition and one who was willing to challenge the odds. This is a story where Biswaroop Banerjee aka BB goes from Panniers to Paneer and if you want to know who moved his cheese, you’ve picked just the right story. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bikerradiorodcast/message

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