Episode 65: BRR Ep 65 Lalli Singh on the Long Way Home


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The vision of foreigners travelling around India on vintage Royal Enfield rentals from Karol Bagh is a story that has intrigued us for many reasons. Until then, most Indians took a train or a bus and the better heeled took a car or a van to go on a vacation because the motorcycle was considered unreliable perhaps even unfit for travel. Just like the Hippie movement of the early 70’s, India witnessed the rise of yet another subculture, this time of foreign tourists, back packers, Israeli army conscripts, free individual travelers and even groups from every continent who took our vintage workhorses across the length, breadth and also heights of the Indian subcontinent. India woke up to the 'Goras' on Dug Dugs. This popularized the category and fueled a cultural transition among the youth who then revolutionized the idea and thus was born motorcycling touring as a popular category that we know it as today. The man, who spotted the opportunity, with his army of mechanics, dispatch riders and plenty of elbow grease, created the concept of adventure motorcycling in India. A maverick entrepreneur, a devout Sikh, a friend, a foodie, a rider, an innovator, a believer, a rock you can lean on and a humanitarian with a heart of gold; please welcome the Maharaja of Adventure Touring on motorcycles in India, and the creator of motorcycle rentals, the pied piper of Naiwala in Delhi’s Karol Bagh, Inder Mohan Rana or as most of the world popularly knows him, we give you Lalli Singh. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bikerradiorodcast/message

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