002 - Alec Torelli On How To Win On BitClout


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I am so excited to publish our very first interview on the BitClout Show! And we are setting the bar very high with our guest Alec Torelli, the BitCloutPro (who also is a Poker Pro).
It was fascinating to learn how Alec applies the principles and strategies that he has mastered from his years as a professional poker player to become one of the most respected and innovative creators in the BitClout community. Alec shared his top tips on how to provide value on the platform, how to craft content that will resonate with your unique avatar, and how to cultivate meaningful relationships with followers and investors. I had the honor of meeting Alec and early members of the BitClout community at a meetup that Alec hosted in Los Angeles, and I truly admire his efforts to connect creators and his generosity to share all of his top strategies.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Alec Torelli’s “Guide to Bitclout.” It is one of the best resources that I’ve seen explaining all things BitClout, and it is completely free. I know many beginners on BitClout credit Alec’s guide for helping them feel comfortable on the platform, which I know can be a bit intimidating at first. Thank you again Alec for being my first guest on the BitcClout show!
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Olga Karpman

Learn more about our guest at AlecTorelli.com & Bit.ly/alectorelli
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