Episode 30: Shackin' Before Marriage


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Bougie Babes!!! Listennnn....have you ever fell in love and realized you couldn't go a day without waking up beside this person?! BUT your parents or guardians gladly let YOU know the Lord doesn't appreciate you "playing house". Yes you heard right!! Aisha from Season 1, our Babe who joined us on the 'No Type' episode came back to give us the deets on living with a significant other. Kevin has his views of course but since he doesn't like to share, plus he is a guy so expectations for him are different. On the other hand, Johnise "the Bday girl" successfully shack-a-lacked her way to marriage. Erica...welp her parents don't play so she has yet to share a home with any man but her daddy and brother. Step into the Bougie den and let us know what you think! Grab your popcorn, edges and holy oil because you will need it!

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