Episode 36: Women Proposing to Men?!


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Hey Bougie Babes! So our friend of the show Job, the Sexless Christian, is back!! Episode 35 he relayed to the Babes & Kev that he found the "one" and we absorbed it beautifully...of course with a little squint! He came back to eloquently relay the lady and him are no longer together and he is focusing on himself. But he did step into the den to battle it out with the Broads and Kev over women proposing to men! Kev was struggling with the understanding of why women are totally against the logic. The Den caught on fire with emotions because Johnise and Erica BE DAMNED, Job said oh hell nawl but Kev was like "sure why not! Pop the question!" Contradictions all over the place and Kev was speaking from the seat of his designer joggers. As I am typing this (Erica) I am listening to the fear of commitment in the episode that Kev has so babay.....pray for our love! LOL Grab a Henny drank, your edges and Advil because you will NEED it!

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