Episode 42: Irrational Fears & Phobias!


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Bougie Babes!! Welcome back and protect those edges because this episode will be AWF the chain!! Also moisturize the epidermis of those nostrils to prevent the formation of Boooogars ( in the voice of Kev) because one of our guests is deathly afraid of boogers LOL. Brandon, the first winner of the Bougie Box and "Sweet Tooth" are our guests for this crazy episode. We address the fears of our hearts that are a little irrational. Kev is scared of pets, all animals, pretty much any damn thang!! Johnise, Brandon and Erica relay their weird ass phobias but nothing trumps "Sweet Tooth". Do NOT listen to this episode while eating because it gets real. Baby grab a shot tequila because you will need it to get through this!! LOL xoxo

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