Episode 45: Marriage versus Mortality


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Hey Bougie Babes!!! Step into the Bougie Den as we address marriage and dating. We have a special guest, the beautiful Alafia (@HeyAlafia on all platforms). This Queen went viral speaking her truth about men and mortality, and how men get married to avoid death and loneliness. This episode is all about why dating and marriage is so complicated. We coined her our unlicensed therapist. The Bougie Crew share what they believe to their toxic ass traits in a relationship. This episode has real high notes of personal truths with a strong twist of comedy as Erica friesssss Kev since she was mad at him from episode 44 (check it out). Grab your green tea with a shot Henny, your edges and your rolodex because this one will make you think about those AINT SHIH EXES!

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