Nico Lazaro (Grailed) Talks Positive Vibes - PATREON PREVIEW


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If there’s one person who knows every IYKYK brand, it’s Nico Lazaro. For most folks, he’s the source of new trends, ideas and has been experimenting with his looks for ages. But before that?

Yes, like all of us, he was making business cards for his Tumblr.

And eventually, he was hired as an early employee at Grailed. But his career path was shocking and, unfortunately, more common than we all realize.

Nico has always been a member of the Slack, popping in to drop knowledge bombs here, and I’m pleased to say Rob convinced him to come hang!

Rob, Nico, and Jeremy chat about how he found his way onto the whistleblower fashion site, Diet Prada, working at Grailed, what brands he’s been into, and the superpower of being a nerd online.

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