iPhone101: Sharing a Contact and Eliminating the List of Recommended Recipients from the Share Sheet:


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Blind Abilities adds to their iPhone101 Series with this short and sweet demo of how to quickly share your contact information or that of a friend or colleague with someone using the standard iOS share sheet. This feature is built into the individual Contact page and facilitates the simple sharing of a Contact Card for yourself, another individual, a business or organization. Pete Lane walks us through the process quickly and nimbly with concise and understandable guidance of each simple step along the way. As an added bonus, Pete shows us how to eliminate or hide what is often a lengthy list of friends or colleagues with whom you can share links, articles, videos or yes, your Contact information within the standard Share Sheet found universally throughout iOS. For some of us, this list of names and apps can clutter our process for sharing our chosen information. Pete shows us a simple and quick setting to change that will eliminate this list. Pete adds sound effects to enhance the demonstration and ad some variety to the presentation. Set aside a handful of minutes now, and save valuable time and effort later.

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