Megan Hale is Taking Adaptive and Blind Physical Education to the Field of Educators and Helping Bring Trail orienteering to the Microsoft Soundscape App


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I first heard of Megan Hale when she posted a YouTube video announcement about her upcoming YouTube Channel, Blind Physical Education, and new right away that Megan’s passion and enthusiasm would be of interests to our many listeners. Megan wants to educate Physical Education teachers about the possibilities and available adaptive techniques so more BVI students can participate beyond the level of low expectations.

Megan attended Camp Abilities and was given the opportunity and adaptive techniques for full participation in the sports along with other Blind and Visually Impaired attendees. This experience changed her perspective and now Megan is parsuinga career to change the perspectives of the Physical Educators and get the other Megan's out there off the bench and onto the playing field.

Megan is working with Microsoft and the Soundscape App to create an outdoor experience with Trail orienteering. Learn more about, this and her goals in this educational episode from Blind Abilities and be sure to check out the latest from Megan’s YouTube Channel Blind Physical Education. You can also learn about Camp Abilities, the educational sports camp for children and teens who are Blind, visually impaired and deafblind.

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