CDT: Hiker Purgatory


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Blissful Hiker is plucked off the Continental Divide Hike when her body goes into critical distress.

In this episode:

  1. Blissful begins The Bob section of the CDT in Montana (Bob Marshall Wilderness) and is inundated with countless blowdowns to cross.
  2. She discovers things aren't really working out with her companions, so tries to makes the best of hiking alone in bear country even though she has to leave at dawn to make miles.
  3. She meets horseback riders who take her across a ford.
  4. The flowers, the views and the wild landscape enchant her.
  5. Her tachycardia – or racing heart – gets the best of her and she has to call for help.

MUSIC: Poema del pastor Coya by Angel Lasala as played by Alison Young, flute and Vicki Seldon, piano.

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