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Blissful Hiker shares her array of workouts to get fit for the Continental Divide Trail and much of it is not just walking.

In this episode:

  1. Blissful starts her day with a two-minute plank – probably the best overall daily exercise for a hiker because it strengthens the core, increases balance and powers the body for all other athletic activity.
  2. Practicing Hot Yoga got Blissful through her hip recovery and she finds it powerful for learning to focus and getting "juice" flowing to the joints.
  3. Bike riding is a non-weight-bearing exercise, so the stress is on the muscles, not so much the joints. There’s also a built-in interval training and Blissful enjoys riding in an urban setting on the Grand Rounds.
  4. The best training for walking in the end might be walking, and Blissful visits some of her favorite state and regional parks, "training" while enjoying the flora and fauna.

MUSIC: Poema del Pastor Coya by Angel Lasala as played by Alison Young, flute and Vicki Seldon, piano.

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