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Blissful Hiker walks like a thru-hiker again for just a few days on the Superior Hiking Trail, moving fast, smooth and far and connecting again with herself.

In this episode:

  1. It's a steep trail up to rocky "balds" with views, though all in mist this morning.
  2. She learns that other hikers too find some people too loud and unfriendly, though the trail feels all hers today as she flies fast through forest, eating many handfuls of raspberries in peak.
  3. She begins to talk to herself, ruminating on "interesting choices" in her life, and knows she's getting her groove back.
  4. At Carlton Peak – the highest point on the trail at nearly 1,000 feet above Lake Superior – gives her splendid views at last as well as lunch.
  5. The Temperance River is low, though the narrow carving through rhyolite is thrilling to see from a bridge.
  6. Dinner is at Cross River and a camp at Fredenberg Creek with loud squirrels nearby.
  7. It's a short morning to Alfred Pond for breakfast with dragonflies, but harder walking after yesterday's walking in thru-hiker style.
  8. She realizes in Montana her body failed her, as did her spirit, but she's healing.

MUSIC: Poema del Pastor Coya by Angel Lasala as played by Alison Young, flute and Vicki Seldon, piano; The Pasture from "Frostiana" by Randall Thompson

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