Teton Crest Trail: Paintbrush Divide


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Blissful Hiker goes on her first high-altitude hike since her rescue and shoots for an SKT* on the Teton Crest Trail.
*Slowest Known Time

In this episode:

  1. It's an easy-ish trail only 45 miles or so of jagged peaks, crystalline lakes and spectacular passes all in wilderness.
  2. She goes in the opposite direction of most, hitting huge climbs of 3,000 feet right from the start up Paintbrush Canyon.
  3. Everyone she meets is happy and renews her love of hiking and hikers, even a group of partiers who promise to be quiet.
  4. Her first site is glorious in a bowl of rock and ice where a bear wanders past.
  5. It's steep up and over the crumbly rock of the Divide and down to Lake Solitude.
  6. The ranger advised her on the best sites, and she grabs one on a grassy moraine looking straight at the Grand Teton.
  7. This site has its own resident moose who seems more interested in bulking up on grasses and aquatics than her.

MUSIC: Poema del Pastor Coya by Angel Lasala and Impresiones de la Puna by Alberto Ginastera as played by Alison Young, flute and Vicki Seldon, piano

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