GDPR Me ASAP: Consumer Managed Data Goes Mainstream - Ep.5


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In this episode, Ben and Jay dive into consumer managed data with the CEO and Founder of Wibson, Mat Travizano, who delves into why consumers should take back their data and why he believes General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) will reshape individual's relationship with data.

Mat touches on the role Internet platforms such as Google and Facebook play in the world of data; why consumers have become comfortable with exchanging their data for services from these companies and how he expects these companies to respond when consumers start taking back control of their data. He calls out the "data brokers" and middlemen who sell sensitive consumer data, but provide little-to-no value to consumers. Mat provides an overview of GDPR; why consumer managed data is well-aligned and how it'll work going forward with the new regulation. He delves into people's data rights and how consumers worldwide will respond to the opportunity to manage their data. Mat offers guidance about how much money individuals should expect to earn from owning their data.

Mat offers a preview of the coming economy of data, where the raw material is the data consumers manage. He touches on how IOT data can be used to train Artificial Intelligence (AI) -- for a variety of business applications -- and why the tools you use to control your data are as important as understanding your individual freedom when it comes to managing consent for your data.

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