Daniel J. Lewis Blogger Interview about Live Streaming a Podcast!


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Summer Special Podcast

Kate Luella presents a unique insight into the business online strategy of Daniel J. Lewis, blogger and podcaster. Daniel explains his positioning online with his podcast shows and why and how he live streams his podcast shows on the http://noodle.mx/ network he owns. Daniel is an authority on podcasting, with an amazing blog

http://theaudacitytopodcast.com/ which has no end of fantastic tips and advice on all things podcasting, showcasing education on the Audacity software program foremost.Daniel often sits on "The Podcasters Table" Podcast show http://podcastersroundtable.com/ with fellow expert podcasters like Cliff Ravenscraft and Dave Jackson. This interview was nothing short of amazing.See more awesome Blogger Interviews like this one at:http://BloggerInterviewsPodcast.com/Here is the MENU for this interview so you can fast forward to what you are interested in:1.30 An introduction by Daniel of his Noodle.MX network which was inspired by the thought "Think, Laugh & Succeed"3.50 The Audacity to Podcast Show strategy and how it is unique to other podcasters who podcast about podcasting!7.10 Why Daniel thinks live streaming is worthwhile, but what people need to consider first if they are thinking of live streaming their podcasts too8.00 Daniel discusses how people respond to their podcast shows streaming live8.30 Daniel points out what the time delay is for live streaming your podcast to listeners9.35 Daniel explains why live streaming actually improves your audience numbers11.00 How live streaming has benefited Daniel's podcast community11.50 The mistakes he has made live streaming14.40 Why Daniel thinks it is not only OK to make mistakes live streaming, but it actually benefits the listening experience15.00 How Daniel sets up his live streaming for listeners and viewers and the programs he uses to record and stream his podcasts, including the costs involved18.40 Why he publishes the audio, and not the live video footage to his podcast stream later19.50 What Daniel uses to record his live shows to his hardrive22.00 Advice Daniel has for newbie live stream podcast shows, and why not to use BlogTalkRadio if possible24.15 The best strategy for live streaming your podcast shows24.50 How Daniel sets up his podcast host media files27.15 Why your media file host needs will grow "exponentially" over the years, and why Libsyn is the best solution for this inevitable growthPLEASE REMEMBER TO USE DANIEL's Libsyn.com Discount Code Coupon "NOODLE" when you sign up for a new Libsyn hosting account trial29.30 Daniel's advice to set up a podcast show specifically for Bloggers who want to start a podcast from a Blogspot Blog or a Wordpress.com blog30.55 How podcasting has helped Daniel's career growth33.20 How bloggers he knows of have elevated their career and business with podcasting and why34.40 The different ways a podcaster can promote affiliate links from their podcast shows36.60 Why people respond to his "calls to actions" in his podcast shows39.24 SLIGHT TRANSMISSION LOSS (a few seconds only)40.00 Daniels talks about what he watches on his podcast show analytics and what he wants and expects to see -- and how he measures those results41.00 Why Daniel uses two analytic tools (neither of which are Feedburner)43.30 Why a podcast show about HIS "podcast show cover art" is a popular podcast show46.10 How your subscriber figure will relate to your actual weekly download figures48.00 Why you should write good "show notes"48.40 Why you need "calls to actions" to get people to subscribe to your podcast show

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