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Dave Jackson Blogger Interview by Kate Luella (September 2012)I had a great time interviewing Dave because of his friendly expert advice on all things podcasting, and more. He discusses Powerpress and Feedburner for bloggers.His blog is here http://davidjackson.org/His business http://schoolofpodcasting.com/And more awesome Blogger Interviews are available here at:http://kateluella.com/ENJOY Dave's interview MENU below, and you can fast forward to what you like:2.55 Bloggers Hosting Choices4.30 Libsyn.com7.00 ID3 tags8.20 RSS8.50 Feedburner11.00 Stats from iTunes13.50 Moving your podcast media hosting14.30 Free hosting options15.40 Best audio mic for $49 (USB/Mixer compatible)17.00 How to grow your blogging audience by 20%19.30 Blogspot bloggers best hosting choice21.30 How to advise iTunes of a new URL media location without disrupting your iTunes subscribers22.40 Moving your media hosting from Libsyn to your own WP hosting account23.50 Libsyn player APPs26.00 Podcasting opportunities for bloggers32.00 The Law of Reciprocity34.20 Apple Affiliates35.00 iTunes popularity declining and why35.50 Libysn v Blurbrry hosting36.00 Podtrac Players37.05 SpeakPipe40.20 USA, Canada, Australia popularity41.30 RSS feed limits43.00 Dave's site downloads 2,000 for a podcast he hasn't touched for years45.00 Dave said you need this to be a successful podcaster46.00 Dave's podcasting

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