Interview with Steve Scott Book Author about authority blogging, making money from blogging


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A fabulous insightful interview with Steve Scott who shares his growth as an internet marketer and a blogger over the years, and his more recent growth in Kindle Books.Steve is a friendly open guy about his journey, and you should join his FB Group now if you want to know more about him and his community of fellow authors and online entreprenuers.Or better still, go over to his website and feast your eyes on all his free content on how to build a successful blog in today's market, with or without a kindle book empire!Link to His website - to his Amazon Books to his FaceBook Group - free to join of other people:Pat Flynn - ReeseHere is the MENU for this interview so you can fast forward to what you are interested in:01:25 Steve talked about how long he's been into online marketing and blogging.03:26 He shared his thoughts and experience about affiliate marketing.06:41 Steve shared his thoughts about writing and blogging.09:38 His take on analytics.12:02 Depending on google 100% is a nightmare for your business.15:37 Steve talked about his ebooks.27:00 Instead of trying to do a hundred things, try to focus on one thing and really make it great.28:08 Tips from Steve for those who are just starting to blog.

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