Kayla Fay Blogger interview by Kate Luella Oct 2012


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Kayla Fay Blogger Interview by Kate Luella (October 2012)It was lovely to interview Kayla from the ADHD-Inattentive.com blog, who blogs about her understanding and experiences with ADHD, from a parent's perspective. Kayla is like many bloggers who evolve to where they are today, with good intentions, but life basically determines how and why Kayla blogs. She now has a co-blogger, her friend Brock, and together they keep this blog up to the minute, and current, for future generations of parents to share and derive comfort from others in their situation.http://adhd-inattentive.com/by http://kateluella.com/1.30 Introduction215 ADHD Inattentive blog, and her other online interests "Science Project Guides"2.50 Starting out with a website, before she developed her current "blog"4.10 How she defines herself and why she has a pen name for this blog5.04 Why she started blogging about ADHD6.44 How she told her kids about her blog7.20 Who her target demographic is7.50 How she defines her target demographic and where she looks for them8.30 Her Wordpress subscribers --v- her opt in email list and what it's current size is9.05 Monetisation of her blog including her own products, affiliates & Google Adwords10.39 Guest posting11.35 PLR11.55 How she hooked up with her co-blogger Brock13.00 Google analytics13.40 Split testing her Opt-in email subscriber list incentives14.10 Planning her new autoresponder series, and why15.30 Diagnosing ADHD16.50 How her son describes his ADHD feelings17.36 Networking with other relevant blogs & forums19.20 The disadvantage of ADHD for kids and their schoolwork20.40 Discrimination of ADHD kids23.55 How Kayla helps people who contact her from her blog26.00 Advice she has for newbie bloggers who want to blog about their passion27.30 Wordpress --v- Blogspot blogs advice for newbies28.00 Converting a Blogspot blog to a Wordpress blog30.00 Her plans now for her blog31.00 Her kindle book plans33.00 Aussie --v- US accents!Thanks for the interview Kayla!

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