Melinda Samson Blogger Interview by Kate Luella ( tennis blogger)


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Melinda Samson Blogger Interview by Kate Luella (September 2012) (tennis blog) (online business) (business blog)

Kate Luella presents a unique insight into Melinda’s very popular tennis blog, which has given her tennis passion a boost with connections being made around the world since starting this blog.

Melinda recently completed her 10 year plan of making all four major tennis events (grand slams) around the world in one year (known as a “fan slam”)!!

So it was lovely to chat to Melinda, and I look forward to hooking up with her again as she can offer so much more insight to her online businesses, including her SEO and Adwords Advising role within her company (which is how I met her a few years ago).

1.10 What inspired her to start the tennis blog

2.55 Why her tennis blog is sometimes feels like work

3.45 Revenue she is exploring from her blog

4.10 How her blog has helped her get an edge with her tennis passion

4.40 Meeting up with other tennis fans around the world (as a result of her blog)

5.10 Travelling the world as an official blog reporter v a non-official tennis reporter

6.45 How she blogs while travelling the world

7.50 Melinda talks about family and friends who follow her blog

8.15 Why she started a Facebook Page, rather than publishing from her personal FB profile

9.30 Melinda discusses her new subscribers she gets, but why many will just stick with social media for updates

10.30 Her four main ways to entice followers

10.50 Her other blogs and how they are strategised

11.25 When she does special blast outs to her email lists

12.35 Her blog monetising strategies

13.00 What the real main aim of her blog is, which she believes has paid off

13.15 The thing she loves the most from her tennis blogging (which she defines as “gold)

13.50 Her new branding strategy

14.30 Her new eBook range she is working on atm as a result of her tennis blog

18.25 Her fantastic advice for new and up-coming bloggers

19.50 What tactics she used when she started out blogging to get her tennis community going, to what it is today

21.00 How to get some sponsors for travel bloggers

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