Part 2 of 2 - Shane Melaugh of (Product Creator Blogger Interview) re Product Creation


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P Part Two - Shane Melaugh Blogger Interview by Kate Luella (November 2012)Hybrid Connect - AWESOME (pop up light box to collect emails on overdrive!!)It was truly a thrill for me to chat with Shane Melaugh of, who also hosts a podcast from his blog.We chatted about his blogging journey, how his blog came about and how his journey has now made him a full time product creator -- my dream!! Shane has now a few very successful products in his catalogue, and most recently one of his latest products "Hybrid Connect" is about to get a new launch with all the finishing touches to the opt-in lightbox (with way too many features to list) being a "must have" list building tool for all bloggers and online business people. I'm going to set that one up on my site, if you want to see it working, and you can buy it over here (aff link) if you are ready to put your email list building through the roof! I think I'll do a "Shane Review" (which means "a very thorough review" of the tool in a few months and share it with you, and Shane of course!PS: This interview has been cut into two interviews to keep them not too long!So for more info on Shane's blog go here don't forget to leave a review on iTunes or a comment or question for Shane on our blog CONTENT MENU:PART ONE:1.25 Shane's IM Impact Podcast Show1.55 Shane discusses his past and current podcast shows he co-hosts with Paul McCarthy2.55 How Shane now defines himself3.35 Why Shane started up IM 5.10 Affiliate marketing according to Shane5.35 Reviewing products on his blog10.00 Three components Shane believes are necessary these days to "make money online"11.20 The time & cost commitment Shane makes to publish quality reviews12.40 Shane's personality trait which gives him the skillset to do his reviews14.15 How he drives traffic with his most popular blog posts14.50 When Shane kicked off IM Impact in 2008, his journey & branding concerns16.15 Shanes goals for IM Impact17.00 What Shane means by making his blog a "template" for other online business people20.20 Shane's analytic tools he uses20.50 Hybrid Connect for opt-ins!!PART ONE1.10 Products which make Shane the most money2.00 Shane's first product2.40 Swiss Made Marketing which is earning Shane a bundle of cash!3.35 SEOcockpit -- (it's like Micro Niche Finder on steroids -- his words not mine!)6.10 SEO and guest posting for branding purposes9.40 The Warrior Forum, WSO products for traffic13.40 The problem with the Warrior Forum (according to Shane)14.55 Tips for bloggers looking to find and secure Affiliates to sell and promote their products20.00 Safe-Swaps and solo ads23.30 Shane's new products and plans in the pipe-works to come out soon25.35 Shane's feelings on doing coaching26.30 My intention to do a "Shane Review" (listen to the recording and you'll understand this joke!)

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