Part One - Blogger Interview Sean Kaye by Kate Luella (author rank, SEO, ROI)


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Sean Kaye Blogger Interview by Kate Luella (October 2012)

Sean was an awesome person to chat with about all things SEO blogging. He knows his stuff from years of online experience and training. He has showcased many products over the years and he discussed his new blog project and how he came up with this idea, and what his strategy and objectives are. This interview is part one of three interviews, as we ended up chatting for over 2 hours. So stay tuned for the next two interviews which include more discussions on the different kinds of bloggers out there, whether you should give freebies away and why or why not, and podcasting in general. Our final interview also includes a great conversation about sales funnels for bloggers.

Sean has three main sites atm,


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Here’s the run down of what we cover in this interview so you can fast-track if you like!


5.30 FastWebFormula Forum (James Schramko)

6.36 Other interesting forums

7.20 How he finds customers within forums

7.50 His business in content creation

8.10 Press releases

8.50 The SEO value of Press Releases

9.25 PRWeb options

11.50 Sean crashes the IT network at TecHead USA 2005 with his little podcast show!

14.30 Why he had to take down some older posts on his website

16.30 Sean discusses his leap from to and his authority building test from a Facebook Page to a viable income stream

17.00 Hi discusses the WSO Facebook Page for WSO content creators

19.20 How he set up

20.00 How he sets up podcasts with built in affiliate links

22.40 YouTube embedding links

23.25 Becoming a Brand Channel Partner with YouTube

25.00 The best affiliate incomes from videos

26.30 Which one wins with video –v- audio (and why)

27.30 Why podcast transcripts will eventually beat actual podcast recordings for SEO

29.05 “Author Rank” and what it means to bloggers

30.10 The Wordpress SEO plugin “must have”

30.30 Googe+ Accounts and how to use them best

31.10 Agent Rank patent by Google – then to Agent Author, then to Google+ Accounts

32.40 Why Google bots now look for blog authors & publishers as authority in SEO

34.40 Why he keeps his domain name – and so should you!

35.45 The best way to set up your affiliate link shortner URL for affiliate products

36.10 The best affiliate link shortner plugin around

37.20 ROI of his and what tools he uses

38.45 Where he gets his podcasting transcripts created for $5ph

41.00 Selling to your Tribe

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