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Part Three - Sean Kaye Blogger Interview by Kate Luella (October 2012)Sean was an awesome person to chat with about all things SEO blogging. He knows his stuff from years of online experience and training. He has showcased many products over the years and he discussed his new blog project and how he came up with this idea, and what his strategy and objectives are. This interview is part three of three interviews, as we ended up chatting for over 2 hours. So look out for the other two interview parts which include more discussions on author rank, what is marketing strategy and podcasting in general.Sean has three main sites atm, also discussed my latest video workshop I've recently launched and don't forget to subscribe to our Blogger Interviews here on my website's the run down of what we cover in this interview so you can fast-track if you like!5.15 Sales funnel structures8.30 Sean's current sales funnel plan 9.35 The different life cycles of products12.35 The Brendan Burchard model of selling17.00 James Schramko's successful marketing and membership strategy 20.42 Sean's target demographic and why21.55 SEO and syndication -- similarities22.30 Sean's SEO product sales funnel24.20 The three goals of SEO for most small businesses25.15 The three common small business "pains"26.30 Defining whether a podcast is to make money, or have fun29.40 What makes a good podcast show host (like me!)30.25 What Sean did when an interview was unusable34.54 Warrior Forum "WSO" products

40.10 Sean's tips for bloggers, podcasters and internet marketers

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